sxsw I'm headed to Austin, Texas to take part in the monster South by Southwest Interactive festival (SxSWi). It's days and days and days of networking, conference sessions, product testing and social gatherings. Heck, I've even found a group of people that runs each morning. I hope to take this time to meet hundreds of people who are involved in thinking big and thinking social online. I hope to meet dozens of people I've met on Twitter. I hope to learn about ideas and ways journalists can better tell stories. I hope to learn about new tools that will help journalists be journalists even if they don't have a newsroom. It will be a heck of an experience and it can be pretty overwhelming to even figure out a schedule.

I hope to twitter the experience throughout the week... And attempt to summarize one or two "aha" moments each day. If I have enough time, I'll also try to share bits of video and photos. If there is anything you're interested in learning about the event - please let me know. I'll ask questions and meet people for you if you can't attend the festival in person!