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Meet Jen Lee Reeves

My success comes from years of working as a journalist and digital strategist. But what makes me different than most digital experts is I have experience launching my own nonprofit, Born Just Right. The organization gave me a chance to use my energy and skills in a way to support the disability community in partnership with my daughter. My career has flourished in part because of the passion and energy I give to my family and communities.

 Just Right Strategy is an evolution of my career. I started out a journalist in the broadcast industry and took those skills to the Missouri School of Journalism and KOMU-TV. While there, I became one of the first journalism leaders in the country to identify the power of digital storytelling outside the traditional boundaries of broadcast and print. From there, I joined the national social strategy team at AARP where I was the enterprise social media trainer and eventually a digital strategist for the national brand team. My career led me to consult large and small organizations and eventually a chance to direct the digital strategy for the main Mizzou brand at the University of Missouri.

As my career grew, I had a personal motivation to learn how to build community and build awareness on a national level with my daughter, Jordan. Together, we grew Born Just Right (BJR) from a blog and into a nonprofit. As BJR’s executive director, I have directed the organization to launch BOOST by Born Just Right workshops across the United States and even in Bogotá, Colombia. The organization is currently developing a youth consultancy. At the same time, Jordan and I launched a middle-grade book through two Simon & Schuster imprints: Aladdin and Jeter Publishing. BORN JUST RIGHT the book launched June 4, 2019. I know how a small idea can develop into a national awareness campaign. Jordan and I work together to change perception about physical disabilities. And it’s working. Together, we consulted Mattel’s Barbie Team to help launch a new Barbie doll that uses a prosthetic leg. Our work is making an international impact.

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