Journalism of the future

There is a lot of talk about the future and how we are at a turning point of change here at the South by Southwest festival in Austin. It's exciting to be here and talk to so many people about it. It's hard to break it all down in one blog post - but I'm going to summarize my thoughts in this post and then get into more later today. There are currently a number of tools that help journalists do things differently. But we are so early into this process that none of us can fully wrap our minds around what it looks like. What most of the journalists I've talked to are saying is we need to make some pretty radical changes. I've also had time to work out how I envision a change in journalism curriculum. It's taken the last week of conversation - but I hope to spend some time today writing it out for all to see!

But first - I'm going to head to the SXSW convention center to learn and talk!