Agile talk

I have a mind that is full of agile development... and skills that take weeks if not months to launch. So as I struggle to find ways to bring traditional newsrooms to work together... I struggle with what content management system to use or some kind of way to bring content together in an agile way.

SO... How should we do this? Drupal, WordPress, Django, Joomla, something that doesn't exist yet?

Here's the other big question. What is our priority as traditional journalism stalls out? Is our priority to become famous for figuring it all out... or is our priority to work together so we actually figure out doable solutions? I honestly want to find doable solutions for the good of our industry. Is anyone else out there who wants to join with me? We may not have our names printed all over the universe, but good journalism will survive.

I'm okay with that. Is anyone else game?