Coming out party

The grand announcement for the Reynolds Journalism Institute's innaugural class of fellows took place during last Friday's dedication of the RJI building on the University of Missouri campus. I'm lucky to be part of this class. If you'd like to meet everyone, visit this link.

I consider this an awesome opportunity to take my Smart Decision '08 tool as a way to engage a regional audience. I hope to have more time and resources to push this project into a high place than I could have done if I had continued working on the project in my spare time. At the same time, I get to hang out with a really great group of people who are my "fellow fellows."

In the aftermath of the Missouri School of Journalism's centennial celebration, I'm happy to say I had a pretty successful experiment during the event. I had 114 freshmen, gave them access to WordPress, told them to attend sessions and asked them to blog about the various events. Some of the students were given the task to take Flip cameras and talk to journalism school alumni and collect answers about their careers and lessons learned during those careers. It's all gathering into a pretty great channel on YouTube. We also had a backchannnel on what was going on during the event on Twitter. All in all, it was a lot of fun. Exausting but fun.