Getting ready for a big deal

This week is a very historic week for the Missouri School of Journalism. We are celebrating the school's cenennial and dedicating the Reynolds Journalism Institute. I'm very lucky to be a part of this event in many ways. The coolest is how I'm helping manage 100+ freshmen and a handful of upperclassmen who will pour through the events, document them and post what they gather to a blog, Flickr and YouTube. I'm exhausted with all of the planning but I look forward to finding out what we can do with this project. In its simplest form, students will document the sessions. In the extreme form they will do that and collect photos, additional interviews and video. While some centennial reporters blog, I have another group of teams who will take Flip cameras and interview alumni for a massive YouTube project that I've mentioned on this blog before. I'm looking for alumni to share their experiences gained through the Missouri School of Journalism and their many jobs that followed. (Most journalist don't stick around in one newsroom for long... Others are fortunate to work in the same one for a long time. I'm hoping we get all kinds of perspective) In the end of the project, I and a small team of students hope to create playlists of these interviews that have useful insight for the many industries represented by J-school graduates.

I will probably blog here with more insight after the event since I can't even think right now due to the many logistics that go into this!!