Finding my voice

So I was grocery shopping and thinking about this blog.  I've blogged for years, but mostly about my family life.  I have two adorable kids who are pretty darn interesting.  But as I get deeper and deeper into my career, I realize I really should write down my professional thoughts.  It all exploded this summer when I had to share my moments of genius on Facebook.  I had this moment of excitement when Facebook applications started showing RSS feeds of news content.  To me this is a big shift in how journalists, businesses, bands, universities... ANYONE can share information on personal social network pages.  The BBC was the first to offer a topical RSS feed for Facebook.  I had spent the previous month or two begging someone to find a way to make that happen for my site's RSS feeds.  Then it happened.  Once a major news outlet started doing it, more and more news outlets started coming up with amazing Facebook apps and other widgets through Google, Yahoo and any other application someone might use a lot.  I was excited.  I'm still excited about this stuff. And that's why I have to blog about my ideas.  It's too exciting to hold it in my mind!