A perspective to keep in mind

With all of the advances in technology, it's sometimes hard to remember the "old days."  Today an article in the New York Times says a lot about why media can't forget the traditional delivery methods outright.  The NYT reminds us all about the Iowa caucus.  Reporter Julie Bosman reports how most people who are going to participate in the caucus don't visit candidate websites.  I'm working on a massive election project with the goal of providing my market a "one stop shop" of election material.  It's hard to imagine anyone who would pass up the opportunity to visit the site.  But there are a lot of people.  Since I'm in the middle of Missouri, there are a lot of people who are still on dial up or don't even have access to the web!  The numbers are changing rapidly, but I know there will be many people in a year who will need the stories we report on the air and the election material in the newspaper and on the radio.  The old way of learning about the election season will remain important for many, many people.