Sharing, meeting and introducing

I have two goals every time I attend RTNDA and NAB in Las Vegas (which is where I am right now). First, my goal is to meet new and innovative people in the media industry. Second, to help my students find amazing jobs in newsrooms where they're respected and won't burn out before they look for their second job.Because I have so many more students, I brought a bunch of resumes to share even though they couldn't make it to the big conference. This is the first time I've found a group of students who are really interested in possible work in the web side of the industry. It's exciting and I'm proud to help them find jobs. I look forward to seeing what comes of this week. Hopefully news ideas to help with our newsroom's workflow, new products to help make the job work better and new connections to help my students (and former grads) find great jobs. It should be a lot of fun at the same time.