My mind is all a-buzz

I'm constantly looking for a way to guide anyone into contributing to good journalism. It's been my goal for a long time. It should be easy for any person to learn about their community and then pitch in on what they know. Here's a really interesting article about how the tide is turning.I've always felt that journalists can help deliver information better, but everyone should be able to contribute. This article explains the trend very well: "In short, the expert is back. The revival comes amid mounting demand for a more reliable, bankable Web." It went on to talk about how many of the open source tools out there are too big and too time consuming. Journalists can help mashup that information for the viewer. (I chose the word mashup, not the writer of that article) I think it's really interesting.I got to meet one of the creators of the EPIC 2014 project from back in 2002. They recently came up with EPIC 2015. It's fun to speculate about what is going to happen to the journalism industry -- and just the overall concept of information sharing and delivery. For now, I'm going to continue to try to deliver and share and help the public do the same. Trying to be realistic is not as fun as just speculating.