Industry talk

It's Homecoming here at the University of Missouri. I hold a yearly lunch where alumni talk to current students about what it's like to go into the "real world." It's an awesome chance for students to meet folks who have been there, done that. It was also a great chance for me to reiterate my attempts as a newsroom manager and a journalism professor that the industry is changing. We can't just report news in one way. We need to share information in many forms so we can reach as many people as possible. It's a great feeling to hear folks who work in newsrooms across the country say they're learning to do it different, so the students should try really hard to do things different. That's so exciting. Another exciting spot in the blogosphere is the MediaShift Idea Lab. PBS and the Knight Foundation have amazing people working on amazing projects. This blog is a place where everyone is sharing what they're learning as they try to change the world. It's new and fantastic. I highly recommend taking time to read through it. One of my former students recently graduated and started working with PBS and its interactive unit. She's in the middle of amazing developments in journalism and online thought. I'm so lucky to be linked to so many great projects and great minds!