I love it when my students find good links

One of my students found an article in Time magazine that is pretty appropriate to think about when it comes to teaching people about new media. As technology is more transparent, media blends together better. A little first person article mentions how life is changing in a common household. Attention spans are different now. Plus... I just found out about this. Super dooper cool. Journalists are opening up. I attended a meeting today and quickly learned that the work I'm trying to do really matters. When the New York Times is buying into the idea of delivering news in whatever format a person wants it... It must mean I'm on the right track.

What am I talking about, you ask? I love news. I love delivering the news. I have spent most of my career finding ways to share news abd information to a broadcast audience. When I realized there were SO many ideas on news delivery using technology. That's why I jumped into this new media world. I wanted to help find ways to share and create information delivery methods. When I started this, I never realized how fast technology would advance and how seamless it could be to share information. And things are only getting started. I'm excited to see the simplicity of sharing information on social networks, how easy it is to build personalized news feeds... I could go on. Either way, it's great to see the big guys jumping into this fun world in a way I can't.