Let's call it a Twitter comeback

In less than two weeks, the new President of the United States brought back a social media outlet that was getting stagnant: Twitter. I was one of the earlier users of the social media tool. I've documented how I've used it many times here on this website and in others places including AARP's blog and YouTube channel. I've always seen why the tool is useful for communications. But through the years, I have watched as Twitter did not protect people whose careers and lives were threatened and at times destroyed with the help of anonymous, angry people. I watched many influential women and men stepping back a bit from using the tool because of intense attacks or threat of attacks.

But enter President Donald J. Trump. He has joined a list of public figures who have decided to use social media as the major platform to distribute information and opinion. Twitter reports there are 313 million monthly users. 79 percent of those users live outside the United States. About 38 percent of those users visit Twitter daily. With the current political climate, the number may be higher.

I watched a lot of new people join Twitter recently along with a lot of people who joined but never really used it. My Facebook stream was full of people asking for help as new users. That's why I decided I wanted to share my years of Twitter use and Twitter trainings to more people. Tonight, I held my first of what may become many Facebook Live lessons. I figured Facebook Live would reach people who are much more comfortable in that space versus the less friendly-feeling world of Twitter.

I wanted to pitch in so I broadcast a Twitter training live on the Born Just Right Facebook page since it's easier to broadcast live from a computer on a brand page versus a personal page.

Using a simple streaming tool, I shared a presentation from my Google Drive and toured Twitter live. It wasn't perfect but I'm excited to get live lessons rolling. I hope to offer regular tips and tricks. I also hope I'll hear from more new users with questions that help me tailor future lessons.