Following my passion

I recently attended the BlogHer bet conference in Silicon Valley, California. The reasoning for me was to get a better base knowledge of entrepreneurialism while I try to see if there additional ways to use my skills and knowledge in this world. I do a lot at the Missouri School of Journalism and KOMU 8, and it was really cool to have a chance to talk about my passion. Passion is such an overused word. But it was said everywhere I went during my time attending the conference. When I checked into the hotel, the woman who was getting me the room key asked me what I blogged about. I gave her the list of different blogs I run when she interrupted me: "What's your passion."

I was quick to answer. It's my website, Born Just Right, where I focus on advocating for my daughter and other children born with special needs. My daughter was born with a left arm that stopped right before the elbow. I've written about that experience from the very beginning. It's an experience that's helped me grow into an advocate for families of children born with limb differences and other conditions. I don't know it all but I think I'm lucky to be able to find great stories, get to know wonderful people and I've learned that connecting with a community of families who understand is an incredible experience.

I've started writing a book about what I've learned for the last five years as Jordan's mom, I created an LLC for my site Born Just Right and I'm working with a few people to come up with a logo. I'm passionate and I'm going to see what it takes to make it move forward.

It's taken a crowd of friends encouraging me for the last year, but my time at SXSW and the BlogHer event has convinced me this is something I want to follow. I created an LLC, I'm working on a business plan and I'm encouraging my readers to contribute content to the site to help extend the stories and perspective. My mission: To help families understand everyone is born just right. In the end, it would be wonderful to help lead a campaign to change the public's view of what is considered normal.

It's exciting since this is something I'm working on outside of my regular day-to-day jobs at the Missouri School of Journalism and But I think it's worth it.

Since I'm following my passion, I started looking at other sites that are trying to do good. I am fascinated by LoveDrop. It's a for-profit site that drops money and assistance to a person, family or organization each month. I'm a member and give $5 a month towards good causes. I've been impressed with the positive flow of assistance that's come out of the site.

I also discovered Start Some Good. It's a site where you can pitch your visions to do good in the world and possibly find community funders who support your cause. I'm certainly planning to put Born Just Right into the site and see what the community thinks.

I'd love your thoughts and ideas on initiatives that are doing good - be it in the world of journalism or any other genre. I'm certain that helping spread positive in the world is a wonderful goal. I feel very lucky to have the energy and opportunity to give this a try!