Making a change

A new year is a great reason to make changes. So after months and months of discussions with my husband, we're making the move to living a DSL-only lifestyle. We use DirecTV for our television (mostly sports) viewing and more of our movies and television shows are coming from Netflix Instant. We rarely use our landline and we dislike the company we're working with. So today I made a call to a locally owned phone/internet provider and signed up for their DSL. When it moves in, we're getting rid of the landline and living a new cellphone-only lifestyle. It's kind of strange but only because we've never lived without a landline. We have hundreds of current and former students who already go this route. I shouldn't be concerned. But for some reason, it feels a little strange. I was raised in a telecommunications family. My dad used to sell telephone switches and other components when I was a kid. We had dozens and dozens of phones in our house at a time. But everything changes. My home with be land line free. My parents sell real estate these days. It's just another symbol of how we all need to be flexible with changes at work and at home. So with a cell-only lifestyle, is there anything I need to change in my at-home world? I'd love your input. My only guess is I need to make sure my cell phone is nearby - have plugs everywhere to keep the phone charged. Any other advice is appreciated!

[Photo credit goes to spanut on Flickr]