A wonderful time of the year

It's the week leading up to Homecoming at the University of Missouri. Back when I was a student here, it didn't mean very much to me. It was annoying to see all of the crowds while I needed to study. But now that I'm a professor, I've found Homecoming is a powerful opportunity to bring together many of my former students and classmates. This year is the seventh time I've taken advantage of the Homecoming event and invited as many people as possible to meet current students so they can share lessons learned in the "real world." Last year, I even had a couple of students live blog the event so alumni could participate even if they couldn't attend the event.

This year, I'm pondering on another idea... What if journalists (mostly alumni) shared their thoughts even in advance of our big Friday lunch bonanza so more lessons learned can go to our current students (and even others in the industry - we're all looking to learn as we move along with our careers). So... if you're on Twitter, use the hashtag #journotips and share the lessons you've learned in your career. If you have a chance to attend my lunch, warning - ESPN GameDay has taken over my lunch location, so I'm working on a new one as soon as possible.