Cheerleading to a large audience

I spoke to a large classroom today - it's a presentation I do each semester for a course that's best known as "journalism for non-journalism major." I usually get up in front of the class, talk about the new and incredible developments in social media and hope that at least oner person gives me eye contact at some point in the 50 minute presentation. I usually start things off like a cheerleader. Super excited. Super energetic. I was never a cheerleader in school... but I've had the energy to do something like that. Somehow my energy reached more than one student today. I actually had the class interacting with my questions. I had students raising their hand to add more input. I made a couple of jokes that had some people actually respond with a chuckle. Some students chatted with me after the class.

It was awesome.

I'm energized from the experience. I'm not sure why. But I had to share because it's little moments like these that make me extra happy to have the chance to introduce and share the world of journalism that I love.