I have an idea... Foursquare Day

Yeah. I love this stuff and as I've said before, I want to find more ways to bring the social media users in my community to meet face-t0-face more often. So I stumbled into Foursquare Day. It's a celebration of the location-based tool and since the square of 4 is 16, why not hold Foursquare Day on 4/16? So I'm poking around on Twitter to see if the Foursquare users in my community want to play. They might! Our last minute goal is to try and earn a swarm badge. That's what happens when 50 or more people check into the same location on Foursquare.

So... We're going to give Foursquare Day a try here in Columbia, Missouri and see if we can get enough people out to try a swarm. If we don't have enough Foursquare users, we'll teach enough people to attempt the swarm. If we don't get it Friday, we'll try it another time!

UPDATE: We set it up. A local wine store is hosting an attempt at a 50-person Foursquare swarm. At the same time, a local bar is offering discounts on some food. Pretty cool in my opinion. I even set up an event Twitter account: