So many things to talk about

As I get closer to the end of this year's RTNDA conference (soon to become RTDNA - Radio Television Digital News Association), I am leaving with a lot of topics that I would like to think about more. First, I was confronted by a long time journalist who basically yelled at me for my Twitter presence. I was told that he had no interest in when I go to the grocery store and that I should get out of his face with all of my updates.

I told him that he can stop following me and he'll never know another special moment in my life. But that didn't seem to calm him. I got him pretty bothered and it made me wonder if more of the older journalism leaders have this kind of attitude even though I've offered to explain how this tool actually works or attempts to work with journalists. So I shook it off and moved on. There is a super simple solution if he wanted: Just don't follow me and he'll never worry about a single thing.

Another issue: Tools. I love to talk about the tools I use to get great work done to connect with my community or to enhance the tools I'm already using (like Facebook and Twitter). I need to write a full post with video and explainers on the most popular tools out there.

Also, it would be great to get a better idea what news directors and other hiring managers want from job hunting journalists. Do they want to see a DVD of work? Will a website suffice? (Probably not since there are still newsrooms where the internet connection isn't fast enough) I'd like to interview more managers out there and get a better idea of what's really going on.

Another random thought - RTNDA is the first conference I've attended this entire year where I felt like I was working with people who have a common goal: Help our industry. There are people who actually feel the way I do without feeling that need for constant self-promoting. There are people who want to help the broadcast industry continue to grow, learn and succeed. I'm relieved. I was starting to think I was the only naive person out there who just cared a lot and wanted to help find solutions and change for our industry!