What makes a great blogger?

I'm sitting in a room with Matt Thompson and Jane Stevens while Matt holds a small group session on what makes great blogging. I strive to be a great blogger but I've found a number of things get in my way:

  1. My new found obsession with health (I'm working out 6-7 days a week)
  2. I love Twitter
  3. I have two blogs that talk about my kids
  4. I teach a class
  5. I manage a website
  6. I have to sleep at least 4-5 hours a night
  7. I co-moderate a special needs Yahoo Group and keep watch over a couple of discussion groups at BabyCenter 

But I aspire to be a helpful source and a reason to keep great conversation. My little rant about "forced twitter use" got things rolling. It was wonderful to watch a conversation that originated on Twitter continued onto this blog. I'd love to do that more often.

So how can I commit to this page? How can I get you interested in visiting and commenting? That's a part of what Matt is talking about to the students in this meeting room. But what do you think? I have a thousand ideas... but I want to hear from you. What can make this blog work? How can I help infuse a new discussion?

Your turn.