It hurts... And it's the beginning

The newsroom at the Rocky Mountain News found out yesterday that Friday, February 27 would be its final edition. It was heart breaking to read and watch. What made it extra painful was how the newsroom came together to share the painful experience with anyone who wanted to watch. Through the day I followed their Twitter stream that was unedited ad painfully honest about how difficult it was to be in the newsroom. If you tour their website you can see the experience in so many ways... But the most amazing piece of video tops their site and I think it's worth sharing in so many ways. The newsroom started this video the day Scripps announced the paper was up for sale on December 4th. The sudden end of the paper rushed the video to final production and posted to Vimeo around 11:00PM on February 26th.

Poynter started a support page on their site for the Rocky employees and made it a place for the journalism community to reach out and help. There's a live chat in a few minutes as well.

It hurts even more knowing this isn't the last paper to fall.

(One other thing I just found. Someone is trying to make a little money and let out some steam with the website, Who Killed The Rocky?)