Introducing new ideas... without sounding crazy

I am one of the younger faculty members at the Missouri School of Journalism. I'm also a bit energetic. Okay. I have a lot of energy.

So when I present the faculty with a new idea or a great concept... Some of them tune me out because they assume they won't understand what the heck I'm talking about. I get excited about new ways journalists can share information. I get really excited when journalists are only a piece of the news gathering process. I get super excited when life is simplified with the help of technology.

So after enough professors and students asked... I'm putting together a presentation on how journalists can use Twitter next Monday. I'd love to hear the ways you use Twitter so my presentation isn't JUST my ideas. There are so many different ways, it would be wonderful to get input from places beyond my world so I can prove that I'm not the only person who thinks Twitter is a helpful tool. So please leave comments here or on Twitter or even on my Facebook page if we're friends. I would love links and stories about successes and failures when it came down to journalists using Twitter. Thanks!!