Missouri Journalists Unite

I'm trying something a little different (don't I always?). The Missouri School of Journalism is about to celebrate its centennial in September and dedicate the new Reynolds Journalism Institute building. There will be thousands of people attending this event. Most of these folks will be members of the journalism school's alumni. If they're anything like me, they want to talk. They want to share. They have experience that will benefit one or more people. There will be opportunities for meetings and presentations but there is no way each person will be able to share all of their knowledge.So I thought about creating kiosks that give anyone the chance to post thoughts and lessons about their careers or memories of the journalism school. Leading up to that idea, I set up a YouTube channel to encourage video posts with those thoughts. There has been some promotion through email, but not much and there's been no video posts added since we set the channel up. It makes me sad and I wonder how the heck I can get people involved. Is it because I'm targeting an age group that just doesn't do YouTube? Or is it because I'm working with YouTube? The channel concept removes the content away from the "other" content on the site and to me adds legitimacy to the product. But maybe I'm wrong. I'd love to hear thoughts on this one! Heck, even better... Click here and post thoughts for the centennial!