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I'm deep inside many different social networking tools. I use them personally in order to see how useful they are for my job. If it's useful for my day to day life, then there may be a great reason for my newsroom to share its information using those tools. A year ago I got into Twitter, but no one else in my circle got into it so I left. I jumped back in last fall and it's really picked up steam. Now I'm trying to think of ways these short messages can be helpful for my job and I've enjoyed what I can talk about in my life. Fun products like Tweetstats can show off what I talk about the most (like kids, work, meetings, newsroom). I spend a lot of time playing with these tools and thinking big -- on a personal and professional level. I blog on Wordpress and Blogger, I tweet on Twitter, I post pictures on Flickr, I create "scrapbooks" on Scrapblog, I co-moderate a Yahoo group, I connect with people on LinkedIn and Facebook. I oversee a news website and an election website. I text, I surf the web from my phone. It's a hell of a juggle and someday someone is going to find a way to merge all of these products and concepts that offer a connection into one cellphone based tool. I hope I'll be able to join in and help with the creation of those tools. It wasn't that long ago when my boss and I were talking about how he would love to see a small handheld video player -- Oh you know, like a video iPod? I'm visioning the world's most interactive iPhone where you can type, talk or post without any effort. That will be super cool. Who knows. Maybe's Google's Friend Connect will do that... When it goes live (and it's rumored to launch today). This could have major implications on how to help a standard website (like connect with its audience in a more social way. (The Washington Post explains)