I guess it's about time

I work a lot. I work at work. I work at home. I work from campus. I work from coffee shops. Recently, I convinced my boss to buy a broadband card and I have been able to work in the car. Recently, I've been fed up with working at home. Our DSL line was purchased four years ago. When we moved away from dial-up, it was the fastest, greatest thing since the iPod. But recently the speed has just left me aggravated. Today I finally made a call, decided to pay $20 more a month and more from 1.5MB speed to 10MB. I hope and pray it will ease the waiting period of uploading and downloading work (and fun) items. By the end of the workday tomorrow, I should be able to work faster. I'm kind of excited. No, I'm super excited. Also, I'm trying to get an election project moving forward. It's this collaborative effort I keep discussing. The Smart Decision 2008 site is up, but not ready. I don't really have anyone to help with the Internet Explorer 7 CSS problems. I don't really have a CSS person at all. It's scary when I have such limited funds to make this project work.

BUT, we're going to do the best we can.

I did get tipped off on a fascinating study on the electronic devices owned by college students. Get this: 97 percent of college students have a cellphone and 79 percent own a laptop. Even more - 30 percent of that 79 percent also own a desktop computer. Wow. It is proof of how ubiquitous technology is with students. Technology is assumed. It isn't new. It is just there and professors need to find ways to take advantage of its use. I'm online all the time and I feel like I have yet to use it to the fullest. If only winter breaks were longer.