Social Networks are Everything

I'm obsessed with social networks. From the moment I started playing with Facebook YEARS ago I saw an amazing opportunity. It's an amazing way to stay in touch with people and share connections. THEN Facebook added applications... And that's when I saw the amazing opportunities for newsrooms and educators. Students could add applications and share the information that matters to them. I jumped into the applications game and challenged my students to build one for KOMU. In the meantime, everyone from NPR to the BBC have applications that share news and information. Heck, even Google has a news feed reader. But now Google has finally shared why Microsoft bought into a piece of Facebook... That's because Google has its own social network it plans to launch. The idea is to socially network all of the information you're already gathering on Google. It's a way to socially link all of the applications we all use on Google: iGoogle, Blogger, Picassa, Orkut, Maps. All of the tech blogs have the details. I kind of feel like Google is late... But the company tends to surprise me.Honestly, as a news nerd, I'm excited to see the newest opportunities to share information... Whoever is offering it, I want to try to delivery information with the help of that tool. Now wouldn't it be great if I could beta what they're calling Makamaka?